November 1, 2018 Club News

by Jerry on October 15, 2018

Article submitted to NHSA Sno-Traveler club news:

Blue Mountain Snowdusters, O.R.C, Inc.
P.O. Box 428
Grantham, NH 03753
Jerry Bieszczad, Treasurer

Welcome to another riding season with BMSD! Make sure that you are ready when the snow comes and the trails open by following our checklist: First, join BMSD. Second, register your sleds and trailer. Third, make sure your sleds and trailer are maintained and in good running condition. Fourth, make sure you are in shape and in good running condition. Conveniently, a fun and healthy way to stay in shape during the preseason is to help out with trail maintenance projects.

Please watch our BMSD web site and Facebook page for work day announcements, club meetings, trail updates, and special events. We are expecting logging operations on Corridor 5 this season and trail rerouting information will be forthcoming. Also, our second annual BMSD Sled Dog Race is scheduled for February 16, 2019.

BMSD meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in Grantham Town Hall. Please stop by to meet your fellow members, buy your NHSA Super Raffle tickets, and find out about what goes on behind the scenes to make all the magic happen on your local trails. Think snow!

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