New Grooming Equipment!

by Jerry on December 4, 2020

Did you hear that the Blue Mountain Snowdusters were upgrading their Tucker Sno-Cat this season?? Well, that rumor is all TRUE!!! Our 1989 Tucker 2000C w/ gas engine served us well for 15 seasons, and has moved to it’s new home with the Night Riders club in Hillsboro, NH. We acquired a 2000 Tucker 2000D w/ Cummins diesel from the Chippewa Valley Snowmobile Organization in Cornell, WI. Yes, that’s right. Wisconsin!! Conversations with Chippewa began in March of this year, it was transported to Grantham in May, and BMSD finally took ownership of it in November. Purchasing through private sale saved us a lot of money, but it definitely added a lot of moving parts. There are SO many people to thank. I’ll start with all the BMSD Officers for supporting my somewhat wild plan to make it all happen (Keith Grohbrugge, Joe Broderick, Elizabeth Strobridge, Jerry Bieszczad, Joe Gallagher). Mike Merbach (from Wisconsin) for checking out the machine for us AND trucking it all the way to NH! The NH Trails Bureau for approving a grant to cover 60% of the purchase price, which Joe Gallagher applied for. Jack Wallace for partially funding the purchase while we waited for grant money to come in. Dexter Kancer and Joe Broderick for all their hard work preparing the machine for the upcoming season……it is ready for snow now!! Brian Hastings for allowing us to use his shop for the prep work. We are thrilled with our upgrade and can’t wait to test it out. See you on the trails!

Steve Miller
BMSD Trail Master


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