February 1, 2017 Club News

by Jerry on February 2, 2017

Article submitted to NHSA Sno-Traveler club news:

Blue Mountain Snowdusters, O.R.C, Inc.
P.O. Box 428
Grantham, NH 03753
Jerry Bieszczad

Greetings all! Obviously, January’s prolonged thaw and mixed bags of precipitation have not been kind to snow lovers in central NH. Most of us are looking longingly at long term weather forecasts for any bit of hope, and keeping our sanity with an occasional trailer trip up to the north country.

The down time gives us all plenty of time to check out our updated BMSD website (http://snowdusters.org/). We now provide our GPS-recorded trail maps overlaid onto Google Maps for everyone’s virtual touring pleasure. We also have an active Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Blue-Mountain-Snowdusters-ORC-152561811474056/) with trail condition updates, club news, and other happenings. We hope to expand the features of both our web site and Facebook page in the coming months. Things on our wish list include display of geotagged photos from members on our trail map and integration of our interactive trail map with GPS trail maps from adjacent clubs. Feel free to contact us with any ideas or suggestions.

Here are some reminders for us all to help improve our trails and riding experience, particularly in early season conditions: carry a black Sharpie with you at all times to freshen up any faded trail signs in your area; please stop and clear obstacles (tree limbs, rocks, etc.) from the trails, If any obstacle is too big for you and your riding partners to deal with, inform our trail master or any other BMSD Officer; carry some ribbon or caution tape in your bag to mark any obstacles that you’re unable to move; safety first, don’t stop/park on a corner and always stay to the right!

At our January club meeting, we had the pleasure to be joined by Grantham Selectman Sheridan Brown. Mr. Brown filled us in about plans for our town’s upcoming months-long celebration of Grantham’s 250th anniversary. We are starting to brainstorm ideas about how BMSD can be involved in that celebration. Again, please contact us with your ideas, enthusiasm, and support.

Lastly I just wanted to mention that during nearly every local ride I took earlier this season, I came across friends snowmobiling with their young and not-so-young children. In addition to enjoying riding, often they are helping to clear trails of debris or update signage. My kids and I have only been riding for a few years ourselves, and it’s great to see a younger generation learning to enjoy the sport, taking responsibility for trail upkeep, and gaining an appreciation for those landowners allowing public access.

BMSD’s regular club meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month in the lower level of the Grantham Town Hall at 6:30pm. Please join us to learn more and get involved with the Blue Mountain Snowdusters. As always, think snow and keep doing those snow dances!

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